New resources updated March 2013

Rudolph Steiner, founder of Waldorf Schools, suggested that there are the 3 fundamental capacities of the human being through which he or she can relate to the world and receive all that the world has to offer. In conventional education we tend to focus on the first – thinking.  He thought that we should educate our children in all 3 levels or stages: Head – Heart – Hands/Limbs.

There are new links posted in the Articles, Sites and Books section of the Materials page, and one new post in the New Ideas/Educator Resource Center section. This time the new posts are at the top of the page, which makes them easier to find! Please keep sending in your recommendations and discoveries. As you can see, together we are compiling a compelling catalog of new ideas, research and evidence supporting both the necessity for and the  manifestation of imaginative education for the 21st Century.


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