Invitation to Converse

Teachers, Principals, Governors, Parents, Students & Community Advocates!

We would like to invite you to participate in a creative dialogue about education in Kansas City in the 21st century

As artists, we are inviting you to come and talk because we care about the important work you do. We would like this to be a generous and hospitable retreat from your busy lives, and we have thought a great deal about how we can use our artists’ vision in ways that will help facilitate a different kind of dialogue. You will be pampered, honored and listened to.

Engagement Park: Dan S. Wang leads a discussion at Paragraph Gallery, KC, about how the arts can engage with the public. A collaboration between KCAI's Interdisciplinary and Printmaking departments, the Charlotte Street Foundation and Dan Wang.

This is an opportunity to be uplifted and inspired by conversing with thoughtful colleagues and peers, all of whom share your concerns about what the best education might be for this time and place! There will be good food, playful and thought-provoking presentations and lots of time to talk with artists and each other in a deep, caring and imaginative way about what a good education is and can be.

We want to step outside of the usual patterns and habits of discourse, and see where a fresh, imaginative approach can take us. Our conversation will look both inside and forward, and create the space to envision ground-breaking, relevant and better ways of learning.

In Waldorf Schools, children swim in a sea of stories everyday; fairy tales, legends, myths, or biographical stories, depending on the age and developmental level of the children. Waldorf teachers deliver lessons to the children through clear and beautiful speech, based on a solid and loving relationships developed over time.

We will be documenting the event on this site to carry your good ideas forward, and all participants will be able to see and interact with any material before it is published. We hope that this event will kick off conversations about this vital issue all over our city!

Please say you will come. We are inviting you because of your strong commitment to education and creative thinking, your experience and your unique point of view. You will really make a difference.



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