RadioFreeSchool  Radio Free School: Self-directed learning/unschooling. Tantrum space for people who eschew factory learning in favour of unschooling, open source learning, community based, learning without school. Open season on all things we might bump up against. This blog was started by un-schoolers at radio free school, a weekly radio show by, for, and about, home based learners.

SchoolFactory   What do we mean when we say “school” in 2020?


SandbergInstitute  The School of Missing Studies . ‘As political and economic forces have come to shape the perception of culture, (art) education—regarded as a place of cultural production—has fallen behind. Education and learning need to reclaim space, as they are means to participate in politics, creating forms of political socialization.’

RadSchool  Rad School Experimental Learning Program – a free program designed to support and challenge advanced level, self-driven research and practice:

NewHorizonsForLearning  Facebook page: Where creativity and curriculum meet. New Horizons for Learning turns knowledge into practice through its network of education researchers, teachers, and educators who engage in a collaborative, innovative dialogue to further the effectiveness of educational practices.

ArtsEducationPartnershipArts Education Partnership serves as a national hub for critical information and communication about current and emerging arts education policies, issues, and activities at the national, state, and local levels.

GlobalCitizenYear  Global Citizen Year is a premier global bridge year program designed to unleash the potential of the next generation of young Americans as authentic leaders and effective agents of change.

ArtsForAll  Established by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, Arts for All is the dynamic, County-wide collaboration working to create vibrant classrooms, schools, communities and economies through the restoration of all arts disciplines into the core curriculum for each of our 1.6 million public K-12 students. Arts for All is working directly with 44 school districts while partnering with the largest, LAUSD, and supporting 36 other districts. Visit to learn more.

ArtsforAllarticleArts for All connects school districts to effective tools. Through its online resources, Arts for All supports school districts and their community partners in building classroom partnerships, accessing best practices and designing professional development arts learning communities.

StateOfEducationJune2011The State of Education Illustrated (July 2011)

Artseducatorsfb  Arts Educators Facebook page, lots of good links.

lyearningheader  Welcome to a playground for ideas about learning and teaching organized by independent educator and artist Charlie Mylie.  From articles, to videos, to walks, and talks, follow this crumb trail through the dense field of education!

GoodEducation  Get the Daily Good – One Good Thing a Day – new ideas for education.


Big Class: “Our schools are approaching literacy in a vacuum,” says Keller. “They’re treating literacy as a skill, and in doing so are leaving out literacy’s grand purposes- put simply to communicate and express. Big Class engages students in literacy by reinstating that purpose.”

LearnWithAnyoneAnywhereLearn anything from anyone, anywhere… Learn differently. Skillshare is a global community centered around creativity, collaboration and learning by doing.

OccupyEducation  Changing Education As We Speak. Occupy Education – Reclaiming our Voice in Education.

InnercityartsInner-City Arts, widely regarded as one of the nation’s most effective arts education providers, is an oasis of learning, achievement and creativity in the heart of Skid Row, and a vital partner in the work of creating a safer, healthier
Los Angeles.

 ArtsEdge is the Kennedy Center’s free digital resource for teaching and learning in, through and about the arts:

 The Center for Arts Educationhas published a new guide, Getting the Best High School Arts Education: A Guide for Parents and Students in New York City. The arts help teens engage more fully in high school, a time of great uncertainty when students face daunting social and academic challenges, and motivate them to attend school. A recent report by The Center for Arts Education shows that high schools with the most access to and support for arts education have the city’s highest graduation rates. The arts can also help in applying to college and developing the creativity and critical-thinking skills needed to thrive in a college environment.

 Wolf Trap  Early Childhood STEM Learning Through the ArtsWolf Trap is leading the way in early childhood arts learning to help achieve national STEM education goals.

 Digital Media and Learning:

The Design Thinking Toolkit for Educators: contains the process and methods of design, adapted specifically for the context of education.

The Mycelium School: is designed to endow the next generation of leaders with the tools needed to address social & environmental problems through the creation of social enterprise.

 Americans for the Arts: – from arts education to public art

 Education Week: – raising awareness and understanding of critical issues facing American schools (K-12).

President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities: “Reinvesting in Arts Education: Winning America’s Future Through Creative Schools”

 The Americans for the Arts National Arts Policy Roundtable an annual forum that brings together high level public and private sector leaders in dialogue on issues critical to advancing American culture and society.

 Spark Action: brings together the latest news, stories and tools from across the child and youth field so you can get informed and take action on the issues that matter most to you.

The Adventure School:

Sir Ken Robinson:


Artists Working in Education:

Artists and Education:

Harvard Graduate School of Education: Project Zero:

Our Literal Speed:

Alternative Education Resource Organization:

The Public School Berlin:

Union of Initiatives for Educational assembly:

SpeEd Change: Blogging for Real Reform

Art Junction: A Collaborative Space for Teachers and Students:

Art Junction Blog: The Art Teacher’s Guide to the Internet:

Endless Boundless:

Homeschool World:

Let Education Always Remain Natural (L.E.A.R.N.)  Kansas City Homeschool Network:

Ted Talks:

Home School Mom blog:

Anarchist Free University:

Open Education:

Bruce High Quality Foundation University:


Owlet , Unschool Monday:

The Exploding School:

Reinventing Yourself:

Rethinking Schools:

Kauffman Foundation Education Venture Program:

Windsor Place: Age to Age Learning:

Apprenticeship Programs in KC:

Reform School:

School of the Future:

Artist Teacher Scheme, England and Scotland:

Save Our Schools March:

 See Symposium Speaker Bill Genereux’s latest posts:

 Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences:

 Laura Kurgan Design – design for schools:

Dr. Kristen Paglia is the current Executive Director, Education and Programs at P.S. ARTS. She earned her Doctorate Degree from Harvard University focusing on the benefits of dance education for children on the autism spectrum, and Masters’ Degrees in World Arts and Cultures from UCLA, and Arts Education from Harvard. Dr. Paglia has over twenty years experience teaching in the arts, and has been designing and managing arts programs in urban public and independent schools for over a decade:

Increasing support for the Arts in Los Angeles County (arts-education blogs):

KC MO School Board meeting dates, articles, blog:

 The Art of Science Learning is an NSF-funded exploration of how the arts can strengthen STEM skills and spark creativity in the 21st-Century American workforce:

The Bridging STEM TO STEAM event will provide a forum to imagine, explore and invent ways to enhance Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics learning through the infusion of Art and Design thinking:

The Any Given Child initiative, created by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, seeks to bring access, balance, and equity to each child’s arts education, using an affordable model that combines the resources of the school district, local arts groups, and the Kennedy Center. The program is designed for students in grades K-8. Kennedy Center staff members work with community leaders and school administrators in a Community Team to develop a long-range plan for arts education that is tailor-made for their school district. The Team reviews existing arts resources in the school district and the education programs offered by local arts organizations and companies. Once there is a snapshot of the arts education resources, the Team develops a plan specific to the needs of that community:

The Studio Museum in Harlem is the nexus for artists of African descent locally, nationally and internationally and for work that has been inspired and influenced by black culture. It is a site for the dynamic exchange of ideas about art and society. Expanding the Walls: Making Connections Between Photography, History and Community is an eight-month photography-based program for students enrolled in a high school or GED program. Students participate in a regimen of art workshops, discussion groups and field excursions while learning the basics of digital photography:

Courses for kids, teens, adults, & programs for teachers, schools & community organizations. The Jacob Burns Film Center is a nonprofit cultural arts center dedicated to: presenting the best of independent, documentary, and world cinema; promoting visual literacy; and making film a vibrant part of the community. Groundbreaking education programs in film and visual literacy are offered for Grades 3 through 12. From its curriculum-based programs that support the New York State Learning Standards for the Arts and the English Language Arts to its after-school enrichment opportunities, the JBFC serves over 15,000 students every school year:

Their YouTube Channel:



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