Creative Social Intelligence

Inez Bush (Arts education consultant, strategic planning facilitator, graphic designer and performance collaborator,

Asma Kazmi (Special Instructor at the Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, MO, performance and video artist

Program Notes:

Inez Bush & Asma Kazmi:

Inez Bush and Asma Kazmi PowerPoint presentation

In this session we will examine the creative process as a shared experience leading to new knowledge, ideas and solutions. Participants will explore the potential for transformation through the dynamic exchange of ideas, thoughts and opinions using the Collaborative Learning Community model. In this process, joint responsibility emerges by creating learning spaces and processes that connect individuals to construct knowledge together in a collaborative atmosphere.  A series of guided activities will demonstrate problem solving through this lens. This will include an individual movement experience followed by a collaborative small group activity that will result in a collective creative response.

Collaborative project work involves constructing a new understanding through an exchange of knowledge gathered from the contributions of people with diverse backgrounds and disciplines.

This exchange of knowledge is based on dialogue that uses knowledge-as-participation rather than knowledge-as-substance. Knowledge-as-substance considers knowledge to be content that can be transferred from one mind to another. Knowledge-as-participation defines knowledge as something formed in the interaction among individuals – a relational perspective that includes knowledge creation, knowledge development and knowledge sharing in a continuous flow.

The session culminates with a participatory “collective dreaming” activity and discussion to envision what an excellent education means for this region in the 21st century.

Materials used in this session: Creative Brief, Monologues



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