Sean M. Starowitz’s work is executed in a variety of social, political, and community engaged contexts. Gathering inspiration from everyday practices, Starowitz creates opportunities for alternative economies and exchanges, such as Wheels for Meals (, BREAD! KC (, and The Compost-Post (  Starowitz is a 2010 graduate of the Interdisciplinary Arts program at the Kansas City Art Institute.

Andrew Erdrich is the Chef in Residence for BREAD! He is a multidisciplinary artist residing in Kansas City. He and Sean Starowitz have been friends since they first began attending the Kansas City Art Institute in 2006 and started collaborating after graduating together in 2010. Outside of his partnership in BREAD! Andrew busies himself working as a silk screener for Vahalla Studios, making a mess in the kitchen, playing guitar in the local band The Sneaky Creeps, and pursuing artistic transcendence and inner happiness.

Program Notes:

The Friday evening meal was a special edition of BREAD! This series of gatherings  uses community-driven financial support to democratically fund provocative and locally-focused projects. Symposium participants could make an optional contribution of $10, for which they received a ballot. This session of BREAD! had a special focus on educational projects by local artists, who made brief presentations during the meal. At the end of dinner, diners voted and the artist whose proposal received the most votes was awarded the collected funds to produce the project.

To read about the three terrific presentations that were made at the event, please click here.

Chefs Sean Starowitz and Andrew Erdrich at the symposium BREAD meal




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