Preregistered Participants:

1.  Candace Koba – Parent, advocate, recording secretary for KCMSD’s DAC

2. Mary Esselman – Assistant superintendent

3.  H. MiUndrae Prince – Associate superintendent

4.  John Covington – School superintendent

5.  Ryan LaFerney – Life long learner

6.  Mary Ellen DeCoursey – Community organizer leader

7.  Brook Tuley – 2nd grade teacher

8.  Belinda Blake – Art instructor (currently K-6) KCMSD

9.  Mark Anderson – Visual arts coordinator, art educator

10.  Lori Brack – College writing and literature instructor; writer in the schools; creative project advisor, poet

11.  Jan Rog – English faculty MCC-Longview College

12.  Sara Mabin – Parent

13.  Gene T. Chavez – Educator in secondary and post-secondary education since 1066

14.  Durwin Rice – Decorative arts

15.  J. Ashley Miller – Autodidact, surprise teacher

16.  Rebecca Blocksome – Adjunct faculty member

17.  Nedra Bonds – Grandparent, retired educator

18.  Susan Sarachek – therapist, social worker

19.  Jenny Mendez – Art educator/ community leader/ cultural arts director for Mattie rhodes/ board member for the National Assoc. of Latino Arts and Culture

20.  Jessica Kincaid – Educational aide

21.  Kate Lindholm – Artist and college educator

22.  Julie Farstad – Professor

23.  Nicholas Naughton – Independent educator, formerly university adjunct professor

24.  Cheryl Eve Acosta – Artist

25.  Melanie Lowrance – Drawing/painting faculty post-secondary

26.  Christopher Lowrance – Design/drawing faculty post-secondary

27.  Shelly Trewolla – High school art teacher

28.  Abbe Findley – Artist

29.  Jose Faus – Teacher, supporter, interested party

30.  Rose Bell – Senior academic advisor and instructor, UMKC

31.  Paul Sprawl – Music

32.  Warren Rosser – Chair painting department

33.  Yvonne Rosser – Retired art teacher Barstow school

34.  Sharon Eiker – Teacher k-12 Art, English and Speech & Drama

35.  Rosie Riordan – Art teacher

36.  Destiny Riggs – parent

37.  Josh Shelton – parent

38.  Electra Marshal – 3rd grade student

39.  Caitlin Horsmon – University professor

40. Richard Keith – author, student

Jesse McAfee and Will Burnip of the Print Factory working with Jim Duignan

Other voices:
May Tveit
Lori Bury
Carmen Moreno
Leila Hybl
Drew Roth
Mark Friend
Meredith Burton
George Lu
Franny Knight
Margie Conrads
Kyleen Carroll
Chris Carroll
Justin Rulo Sabe
Leigh Rosser
Dennis Walker
Theo Bunch

and the presenters/facilitators:
Harlan Brownlee
Bill Genereux
Jim Duignan
Zach Rockhill
Leralee Whittle
Zach Springer
Elysia Contreras
Inez Bush
Asma Kazmi
Julia Cole
Theresa Hitchcock
Sean Starowitz
Andrew Erdrich
Jesse McAfee
Will Burnip
Regis Lewis
Sarah Hazelwood



One response to “Participants

  1. Thanks so much for registering for this exciting symposium! We have reached our max for participants and are incredibly excited for the diverse group that will be gathering to discuss such a timely topic!

    We do have a waitlist, so if any plans change and you are not able to make it, please let me know as soon as possible. You may email Tasha at

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